Acoustic Booth

Hi guys!
A few months ago I’ve spent my spare time for build my little acoustic booth (2 x 1,16 meters) for playing and recording my music!


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Due to some personal problems, I had to slow down all my works for some time ..but now I’m already writing and recording new tracks!
I hope soon to finish the recording session and start to mixing to be able to present some new songs in short time!

See you soon! 😉

Vieja Guitarra – Video

Hi guys!
While my new works go on I want to share with you a new video clip (home made usual!) of the song “Vieja Guitarra”, from my instrumental album “Not For Everybody”.. It’s dedicated and played with my 24-year-old classical guitar! 🙂

Hope you enjoy!! ;D


The new album “KINGDOM” ..OUT NOW!


Two years after their breakthrough debut album “Gasoline & Broken Hearts”  Beverly Killz are back with a new explosive album.

Kingdom” is completely self produced (and engineered by Mak!) and features 7 new songs which range from trademark 80’s influenced hard rock to surprising jazzy atmospheres, mixing several kind of styles.

The beautiful art cover is a provocative piece by renowned polish painter Pawel Kuczynski, which perfectly portrays the sarcastic vein of some tracks.

Available ONLY for FREE listening on YOUTUBE and SOUNDCLOUD

In April a VERY limited number of cd’s will be printed for the die hard fans.



-Your World
-My Kingdom For A Whore
-Crazy Little Girl
-Shock To The System
-My Way Or The Highway
-Second Home
-Blue Nights




All songs written, arranged and produced by Beverly Killz
Recorded at Garage33, Punto Musica and Mak’s
Mixed and mastered by Mak

Photography by Emanuele Sironi

 IMG_0535 - FB