The first time I played guitar I was 11 years old and I wanted to play like the rock bands I’d see on TV…but this isn’t what I really did at the beginning..

My father and I went to the guitar shop to buy one.. I didn’t know brands and models, I just knew the shapes.. and the one I wanted was a Fender Stratocaster! Well, I wanted it but it was too expensive as a first guitar.. So the old seller advised me to start by buying a classical guitar and going to school.. so, I found myself studying classical guitar.. I learned everything but not what I really wanted..

where was the great sound that I heard on TV???

..just one year and I left that school and stopped playing guitar (more or less)..

..but.. the passion is hard to die!

A few years later I decided that I had to have an electric guitar in my hands and finally I bought one; Squire Stratocaster by Fender! ..for an affordable price! 😉

It was the beginning of the end!

Since that moment, step by step, I’ve been collecting different guitars and amps searching for a sound that would capture me!

I like the sound and style of Slash, Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Joe Perry, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Nuno Bettencourt, Stef Burns and many more..

I am very fascinated by classical and Spanish music too and, one way or another, I’ve always listened to several kinds of music; now I appreciate more than before the whole music scene.. ..though I still prefer rock music.. with a scratchy sound!

Currently I am using a Gibson Les Paul Standard and a custom Marshall JCM800

In my life I’ve played in several bands and with different people from whom I have learned a lot.

Since 2007 I play in a hard rock band called Beverly Killz and now I’m starting my parallel solo project!

This project is born basically from the desire to learn and experience in the filed of music recording; then, in addition to playing instruments, this time I tried to put myself on the other side of the computer screen.

Though not with a quality comparable to the professional works, it is a good way to record all the music I have in my head!

My first experiment is called “NOT FOR EVERYBODY“!

I hope you enjoy it!


PS: my classical guitar is still alive; I used it to record “Vieja Guitarra”! 😉