I released my first solo instrumental album called NOT FOR EVERYBODY!!

..I’ll take just one minute of your time for introduce briefly this album!


This “project” is born mainly from the desire to learn and experience in the filed of music recording and, at the same time, to get out of the drawer some instrumental tracks that they found the final development during this last year.

Some of these are very old, such as Scream From The Future, was born more than 10 years ago and was originally intended to be the theme song for a radio broadcast, while others are new as the acoustic track Vieja Guitarra, coming from an interest about Spanish music, that I’ve developed slowly over the years.

A Rock / Blues cheerful is the song Harley Style! ..that I’ve dedicated to my dog​​, a mestizo which I’m very fond of, and in which I see the cheerfulness of the song.

In contrast to this joy, there is the tension that is felt by the notes of Inside Of Me, probably the most gloomy composition of the entire album, inspired in part by my passion towards horror movies .

The song Escape has the distinction of being divided into 2 parts: the first conducted by some kind of tension with vent in the chorus, the second like a long conclusion to the first part and the impact is more “liberating” and open.

The last remaining describes itself through the title: R’n’R Song ..pure and genuine Rock ‘n’ Roll run by a classic guitar riff and a simple structure that leaves a lot of room for melodic themes.

In the album there is a little gift that I’ve thought for musicians: the last track is the base of RnR Song, dedicated to YOUR improvvisation!


NOT FOR EVERYBODY is therefore an album dedicated to the ROCK lovers at 360 °, from simple and cheerful kind to something more challenging; in all the songs is well present a melody that accompanies it, but does not cover, the spontaneity of improvisation!!


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